Intrepid voluntourist

If you’re put off volunteering abroad by the ethical and practical swamp that surrounds it, you’re not alone.

This is voluntourism without the rose-tinted glasses and Instagram filters. The good, the bad, and the really shit bits.

My name’s Corinne. I’m a former office worker who put off travel and volunteering for too long.

Voluntourism is a world of dodgy schemes, ethical dilemmas and crap hostels. I write about it in the hope that other people don’t make the same mistakes as me.

Since I was a gawky teenager I’ve wanted to volunteer abroad, but always had a reason not to: FOMO, home comforts, extortionate fees, the perils of stepping into a moral minefield.

Then in 2015 I finally quit my office job in London and went to the West Bank, Palestine for 12 weeks to help on an education campaign. Then I went to Chile for four months to teach English.

Sometimes it was like


and at others it was like


and even


Despite all that, I’m planning on doing more voluntourism. Done right it’s a great way to see the world while reaching out to other people. I’m still working out what constitutes “done right”, though — that’s what this blog is about.