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  • Humanitarians of Tinder: Turn Your Voluntourism into Sexual Capital and Reap the Rewards

    Three examples of volunteers posing on Tinder

    Guest post by Rory Evans from Development and Human Rights The aptly named website Humanitarians of Tinder lays bare a phenomena that most of us were already aware of. If you’ve got a photo of some volunteering you did, be sure to capitalise on its potential to bag that extra sexy someone by adding it to your Tinder profile […]

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  • Building schools in Africa: does it make you a terrible person? part 2

    Photo by Liv Unni Sodem

    The answer is — no! Wow, glad that suspense is over.  I was seriously on the fence, but I reached out to some charitable organisations which build schools in Africa and was bowled over by the enthusiastic responses I got back. Do communities even need schools? The first worry with international development is that westerners […]